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December 1937 Founded in Ebisu, Shibuya. Capital: 8 million Yen
February 1948Relocates to 2-16 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
January 1961Relocates to 1-21-16 Minami-rokugo Ota-ku, Tokyo.
December 1963Reforms the company into a joint stock corporation: YANAGAWA SEIKO Co.,Ltd. is established.
Fusakichi Yanagawa becomes Representative Director.
Increases its capital to 10 million Yen.
July 1970Chuichi Yanagawa becomes Representataive Director.
May 1972Completes Tsukuba Factory in Ibaraki.
April 1983Forms a capital tie-up with Haneda Seimitsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd. for press-work.
September 1987Relocated to 3-15-2 Kamata, Ota-ku
December 1987Celebrated 50th anniversary of founding
September 1989Builds Toyosato Factory at the Toyosato Techno Park, and begins centralized control on the production of automatic lathes.
Non-stop operation begins (340 days a year/24 hours).
Februrary 1992Development of Yanaflon (Tetrafluoroethylene)
Launches "Endless MF Dry bearing" both domestically and internationally.
Files a patent application in 14 countries.
October 2002Certified ISO14001 (Toyosato Factory) except Yanaflon
March 2003Increases its machinery equipment at Tsukuba Factory, and starts 24 hour-operations.
May 2003Introduces an ionic water cleaning system.
March 2004Certified ISO9001 (Toyosato Factory) except Yanaflon
November 2004Control center opens.
Janurary 2005Introduces a hydrocarbon cleaning system.
May 2005Certified ISO9001 (Control center)
June 2006YANAGAWA SEIKO VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. is established.
July 2006Increases its capital to 50 million Yen.
December 2007Celebrated 70th anniversary of founding
May 2008Vietnam Factory completed, mass production started
August 2008Vietnam Factory ISO14001 acquired
November 2008Vietnam Factory ISO9001 acquired
May 2009Vietnam Factory NC lathe expanded
September 2010Vietnam Factory granted ISO/TS16949 certification
June 2011Vietnam Factory granted OHSAS18001 certification
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