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YANAGAWA SEIKO Co.,Ltd. is committed to making contributions to society by offering high-quality products that meet our customers' requirements.
In Pursuit of the Future
Since its founding in Ebisu, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo in December, 1937, YANAGAWA SEIKO Co.,Ltd. has been carrying on a long, proud tradition through the turbulent times of both the prewar and postwar periods. In the postwar days, we have focused our attention on manufacturing parts exclusively for peaceful industries, such as the optics, electronics, sound, and automotive fields. During the past decades, YANAGAWA SEIKO Co.,Ltd. has constantly been in pursuit of technological development and the maximization of the potential of processing technologies.
With a strong commitment to our mission, we affirm that we will make a significant contribution to the industry of ultra-precision components as a leading company of the 21st century.

In Pursuit of Unexploited Technology
In order to accommodate the diverse needs of customers, we continuously strive to develop new technologies and engineering innovations, and are committed to producing the highest-quality ultra-precision products for the automotive industry, to help bring benefits to our customers.
In addition, we continue our quest to improve technologies to specialize in processing difficult-to-work-with materials such as stainless steel.
While ensuring the satisfaction of the three key elements for business-quality, cost, and delivery, we exert our efforts to acquire and maintain the highest levels of technological expertise.

Making Contributions to Society
By recognizing the function of parts in automobiles, video tape recorders, videotapes, and audio equipment, which are continuously manufactured through new technological developments, we incorporate our expertise to produce parts that can also be applied to other areas such as office equipment. By utilizing our unique ultra-precision manufacturing technologies, we are making every endeavor to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality and achieve outstanding customer satisfaction.

Company Motto
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Representataive Director
Chuichi Yanagawa
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4-18 Midorigahara, Tsukuba-city,
Ibaraki Pref. 300-2646 Japan
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