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We continually aim to produce environmentally friendly high-quality products to contribute to protecting the global environment and to increase customer satisfaction as well as actively engaging in the following activities to contribute to society.
  1. Undertake continual improve of the Company's management system to contribute to protecting the global environment and to increasing customer satisfaction.
  2. Observing the related laws and regulations as well as other requirements agreed to by the Company in our business activities and continuing to supply products that meet customer needs.
  3. Thoroughly inform all employees of the the factory policies, set objectives and targets to achieve the factory policies, and have all employees participate in these activities.
  4. Strive to appropriately control harmful chemicals to prevent environmental pollution.
  5. Strive to reduce the amount of electrical energy used to conserve energy and prevent global warming.
  6. Strive to reuse and recycle to reduce the amount of waste materials.
  7. We will review the factory policies to ensure they remain appropriate.
  8. These the factory policies are disclosed in response to outside requests
Tetsuya Furuta
Executive Director/Factory Manager
Toyosato Factory YANAGAWA SEIKO Co.,Ltd.
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